The kick game

My baby has been very active recently. I often feel her kicking, or changing position. I always try to pat the area she’s kicked, saying “Kick!”, so that she can kick the same area again (they call it the Kick Game). She’s getting good at it, although she misses sometimes. I like this game so much because I can feel a special bond between us while playing, as well as the signs of her life.

My husband is eager to join this game whenever he notices we are playing. He usually comes up to us and says “Let me do it! It’s my turn!” excitedly. The funny point is that, then, all of a sudden, she always stops kicking! Unfortunately for him, he has never been able to play it with her so far.

It seems that she especially likes to kick when it is quiet and I become relaxed, usually when I’m in bed going to sleep at night or taking a lunchtime nap at work. I don’t want to ignore her, as I’m sure she is bored in there alone. Naturally, as a result she often disturbs me by starting the game when I’m just falling asleep. That’s one of the reasons I am sleepless these days.

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The apple of my eye

I have a nephew, Ken, who has just turned four years old. He has been the apple of my eye ever since he was born. I always love his company because he is so adorable and funny. What he does or says always amuses me. He is fond of me, too. When his mother (my sister) asks him, “Who do you want to get married to?” he always answers “Haru-chan” shyly. During my wedding party one year ago, he held my hand all the time, so some guests thought I had already had a kid!

Ken is quite talkative and likes to tell me his secrets from time to time. A year ago,when he was three years old, his secrets often came out of his imagination. For example, he would tell me about the ghost in his house who was always tickling him and made him laugh. One day he said to me, “It is just between you and me, but I go to work while mom and dad are asleep.” Pretended to be surprised,“You do? Do you have any coworker?”I said.“Yes, she is three months old”, he answered proudly. With these stories, I was often amused by how he was blessed with a vivid imagination and he wanted to share it with me.

Now that he has turned four, he seems to have realized the difference between the imaginary and real worlds. Last time I talked to him, he said to me “I don’t know if I want to go to elementary school when I grow up.” I asked why in surprise, because I knew he had always looked forward to it. He answered sheepishly “Because I heard what they are studying there is difficult”. “You can do it! It’s a very fun place and you’ll do great. I want to go there again”, I answered, thinking it was the sign of growing up. He now worries about the thing in the real world! Then he looked up at me and said “Then can you be smaller again, and we can go there together.” Well, it seems that he now lives between the real world and imaginary world.
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DME advanced 3コマ目とフリートーク

ちゃんと記録をつけていないのですがレッスンは平日夜にほぼ毎日受けており、今日はDME advancedとフリートークレッスンを受けました。advancedは、やっぱりstandardと比較するとかなり上級ですねあせあせ(飛び散る汗)standardでは日常でよく使う単語がキーワードとして出てきたのに対し、advanceはアカデミック、もしくはビジネスの場などで使われるようなフォーマルな単語も多く取り上げられています。日常会話をしっかりさせたい私は、まずDME standardをしっかりマスターする方が先決かもと思いました。フリートークをメインに、advancedは瞬発力を鍛えるためにぼちぼち(週一くらい?)受けていこうと今のところ考えてます。





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今日から師走ですね。 最近一年があっという間です。



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Nov.21, 2011

It was a beautiful autumn day today. Walking through the sunbeams streaming through the golden leaves of the gingko trees that line my way to work, I realized I had never been happier in my life. My morning sickness has gone and my unborn baby is doing great. When I went to see my gynecologist for monthly prenatal checkup last week, I could see her with ultrasound. She is already 15 cm in length, with long arms and legs, and is very active. She has already become baby-shaped! I can’t believe how fast she's grown. They say a fetus get ears by 16 weeks, and can distinguish its parent’s voice by then. So, I try to be happier all the time, and share my thoughts and feelings with her in a loud voice, so that I hope my girl could feel relief, even though she is in a dark and small place alone. Nothing has ever made me feel so needed in my life, and I want to do anything to make her feel happy.
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2.ひとりDME Stage 7三周目がやっと終わりました。体調が良く電車の中でできそうな時にマイペースでやってます。




→ステージ7に出てきた"bear"か"give birth to a child"でしょ〜、知ってるもんね〜と思って"She gave birth to a child recently."と自信満々で回答したら×でした。解説に「子供を産む、は現代の日常英語ではhave a babyという言い方をします。bear a childという表現はとても古く、今では使いません。give birth toという表現は、改まった文語的な言い方です」と書かれており、正解は"She had a baby recently."とのことでした。しょぼん。

"I went shopping to Shibuya and bought a jacket."一つ間違いを探せ。
→これは"I went shopping in Shibuya"となるというものでした。DMEにも確か出てきていて、機械的に覚えていましたが、解説に"go shopping, go swimming, go skiingなど<go + 動詞のing形>の後で場所を表すときは"in"を使います、とありました。なるほど。


日本人に共通する英語のミス151 [増補改訂版] [単行本(ソフトカバー)] / ジェイムズ H.M. ウェブ (著); ジャパンタイムズ (刊)日本人に共通する英語のミス 矯正ドリル [単行本(ソフトカバー)] / ジェイムズ H.M.ウェブ (著); ウェブ 康子 (翻訳); ジャパンタイムズ (刊)

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最近は週3-4くらいでフリートークとDME advancedレッスンをぼちぼち受けています。



SantoNinodeCebu - コピー.jpg

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boy or girl?

Recently, I’ve been asked about which gender I would prefer my baby to have. Frankly, though, it doesn’t really matter to me. All I wish is to have a healthy child, that’s all.

My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same idea as mine. He really wants me to bear him a baby boy. He’s already named our unborn baby some boy’s name, and talks to him as if the baby were a boy. I asked him why he was so insistent on having a son the other day. “Because I’m not really sure I could bear our daughter getting married. The thought of someone taking her away from us makes me so sad,”he answered as a matter-of-factly.

I was shocked by the answer. It sounded so unreasonable, even silly. The day she might tie the knot is so far away! I told this story to my friend, who is a mother of a one year old girl. She laughed and said, “Don’t worry, all fathers are the same. My husband always keeps saying he wants our daughter to get married as early as possible so that he’ll have many grandchildren”.
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DME advanced 1-2コマ目

色々あって、金曜日に一コマ、今日一コマDME advancedを受講しました。テキストを持っていないのでなにを記載すればよいかよくわかりません。

いまおそらくレッスン1にいるのでしょうが、今のところ難易度がDME standardと比べて上がった気はあまりしないです。オウム返しの質問も多いし。ボキャブラリを増強するにはいいカリキュラムだと思います。先生の技量によるところもすごく大きいと思うので先生選びは慎重にした方がいいのかな。今までと同じく前回学んだところを今日復習する形です。


DME standardは一人DMEを先週から始めたところでステージ7の三周目をやってます。かなりブランクがあるので早く終わらせなきゃです。

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9月1日から2ヶ月勉強をお休みしていましたが、予定通り11/1から勉強を再開しました。先週末から急に嘘のように身体が楽になり、本当に嬉しいです。"Life is beautiful!"って踊りだしたいくらいハッピーでするんるんただ先週末もこんな調子で浮かれて2か月ぶり位にショッピングに出かけたら、その後片頭痛が数日続いてしまったので、体と相談しつつ無理せず頑張りたいです。しかし2ヶ月辛かった〜。今も口の中が常に塩辛く苦いとか、疲れやすいとかご飯の匂いがダメとかはありますが、全然ましです。



オンライン英会話は、フリートークでしばらく続けていこうかなと思います。実はDME advancedにも興味があるんですよね。ただ先生が限られているので時間帯の関係で悩んでいるのと、もうすこしstandardをしっかり回せるようにしてからの方がいいかなと思っています。ま、赤ん坊がいるとオンラインレッスンは厳しそうなので、しばらく無理かな。


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