The kick game

My baby has been very active recently. I often feel her kicking, or changing position. I always try to pat the area she’s kicked, saying “Kick!”, so that she can kick the same area again (they call it the Kick Game). She’s getting good at it, although she misses sometimes. I like this game so much because I can feel a special bond between us while playing, as well as the signs of her life.

My husband is eager to join this game whenever he notices we are playing. He usually comes up to us and says “Let me do it! It’s my turn!” excitedly. The funny point is that, then, all of a sudden, she always stops kicking! Unfortunately for him, he has never been able to play it with her so far.

It seems that she especially likes to kick when it is quiet and I become relaxed, usually when I’m in bed going to sleep at night or taking a lunchtime nap at work. I don’t want to ignore her, as I’m sure she is bored in there alone. Naturally, as a result she often disturbs me by starting the game when I’m just falling asleep. That’s one of the reasons I am sleepless these days.

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The apple of my eye

I have a nephew, Ken, who has just turned four years old. He has been the apple of my eye ever since he was born. I always love his company because he is so adorable and funny. What he does or says always amuses me. He is fond of me, too. When his mother (my sister) asks him, “Who do you want to get married to?” he always answers “Haru-chan” shyly. During my wedding party one year ago, he held my hand all the time, so some guests thought I had already had a kid!

Ken is quite talkative and likes to tell me his secrets from time to time. A year ago,when he was three years old, his secrets often came out of his imagination. For example, he would tell me about the ghost in his house who was always tickling him and made him laugh. One day he said to me, “It is just between you and me, but I go to work while mom and dad are asleep.” Pretended to be surprised,“You do? Do you have any coworker?”I said.“Yes, she is three months old”, he answered proudly. With these stories, I was often amused by how he was blessed with a vivid imagination and he wanted to share it with me.

Now that he has turned four, he seems to have realized the difference between the imaginary and real worlds. Last time I talked to him, he said to me “I don’t know if I want to go to elementary school when I grow up.” I asked why in surprise, because I knew he had always looked forward to it. He answered sheepishly “Because I heard what they are studying there is difficult”. “You can do it! It’s a very fun place and you’ll do great. I want to go there again”, I answered, thinking it was the sign of growing up. He now worries about the thing in the real world! Then he looked up at me and said “Then can you be smaller again, and we can go there together.” Well, it seems that he now lives between the real world and imaginary world.
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DME advanced 3コマ目とフリートーク

ちゃんと記録をつけていないのですがレッスンは平日夜にほぼ毎日受けており、今日はDME advancedとフリートークレッスンを受けました。advancedは、やっぱりstandardと比較するとかなり上級ですねあせあせ(飛び散る汗)standardでは日常でよく使う単語がキーワードとして出てきたのに対し、advanceはアカデミック、もしくはビジネスの場などで使われるようなフォーマルな単語も多く取り上げられています。日常会話をしっかりさせたい私は、まずDME standardをしっかりマスターする方が先決かもと思いました。フリートークをメインに、advancedは瞬発力を鍛えるためにぼちぼち(週一くらい?)受けていこうと今のところ考えてます。





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今日から師走ですね。 最近一年があっという間です。



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